For Online Storage As A Service (

2019 (completed)

    Consolidated hardware (storage) to be connected to own supercomputer
    Backup & archiving at back-end
    Using FileCloud as the portal to administrate, for users
    Launched on Nov 2019

2020 (completed)

    Marketing at minimal, integrating with internal service
    Minimizing cost, compression enhancement
    Enhanced front-end

Q1 2021 (completed)

    Integrating with Hibah (Muslim gifts) at

Q2 2021 (completed)

    Integrating with AI as a service (

Q3 2021

    Integrating with blockchain as a service (

Q4 2021

    Integrating with cybersecurity insurance (
    Enhancing front-end of
    Unifying, developing own back-end framework of

Q1 2022

    Package anywhere everywhere with Starlink (connectivity)
    Extend services to all verticals (oil & gas, healthcare, finance, engineering, manufacturing)
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